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Click 2 Pay
Phone 2 Pay

Phone 2 Pay
Your customers can call a toll free number to make their monthly payment. The electronic payment comes straight from their bank account or is charged against their credit card (if you choose to accept credit cards).

Implementation Is EXREMELY Easy:

  1. You send us an electronic list of your customers, including their current balance (easy task for your IT department).

  2. Customers use the toll free number to pay their bill.

  3. We send you an ascii text list of payments allowing you to import the postings into your billing system eliminating the need for manual postings. We also send you a human readable report listing the payments.
Pay By Phone DEMO

  1. Call 1-800-250-6842

  2. When prompted for the account number, enter 1234
    followed by the # sign.

  3. Use a PIN number of 1111.

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